Thailand is one of the most tourist friendly country in South East Asia. On arrival visas are available with ease at Suvarnabhumi airport which is one of the busiest airports in the region. The visa system is easy and fast if proper documents and necessary requirements are duly fulfilled. For Indians like me, on arrival visa is applicable.

Here are a few hacks for getting the on-arrival visa in the fastest possible way:

Fill up the immigration form online and take a printout before going to Bangkok. It’s best to fill up well ahead. Forms are available at the airport also. But it’s difficult to fill up in the long queue of immigration office. (Immigration form).

Carry sufficient funds proof – 10,000 Baht per person/20,000 Baht per family/ 700 USD or bank statement of equivalent amount of money. This is a necessary requirement and maybe asked for. It’s better to keep cash/ bank statement handy if asked for.

Printed Return ticket– This is an absolute criteria and the passenger should have a confirmed return ticket. Otherwise he maybe refused a visa to Thailand. (The only thing they always ask for).

Passport size photo– One copy should be deposited along with the form. It’s good to keep a few handy as they are always asked for. Photo dimensions- 3.5*4.5 cm, recent coloured passport size photo with a white background. The face should be clear.

Get Thai currency (for visa) from your country itself. I had boarded a flight from Kolkata. At Bangkok, Thai Baht is accepted for visa. It costs 1000 Baht and it should be paid in cash. Just out of curiosity I enquired at currency exchange near immigration office. Their conversion rates were very high. So it’s best to change some money at least 1000 Baht from your country. I had changed 2000 baht at Kolkata airport before going. P.s- The best exchange deals in the airport are available at the basement just beside the Sky train booking office. The crowded exchange counters usually gives the best deals. So just follow the crowd.


The queue in the immigration office is long so it’s best to rush to the office after the flight landing. Just keep following the signboard towards immigration while walking through the walk-a-lators. Once your documents are verified it will hardly take 15-20 min to get the passport stamped.

Hotel booking– A print out of the hotel booking in Bangkok might be asked. So it’s better to keep it handy .

The visa given is Tourist Visa and is valid for 15 days.

The Thai embassy website will give you latest updates.

My reviews are from my experience during my August, 2016 trip. Rules do change sometimes.


How to get a on-arrival visa/ tourist visa in Thailand
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