Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh WandererdocAfter an eventful day at Bhoramdeo, we decided to explore the nearby sanctuary and Saroda Dadar area. Our resort manager Puroshottam was very kind enough to explain the details of routes which we could take to reach the village and also explore a remote Rani Dhara waterfall.

Early morning walk the next day was spoiled as it was drizzling. We had a sumptuous breakfast with Poha and headed towards the Bhoramdeo sanctuary.  Getting the bike down from the elevated platform of the resort was the first challenge of the day. We entered the Bhoramdeo sanctuary through the gated area. The four wheeler needed to register their names while entering the sanctuary. We drove along the lean jungle road. The pristine beauty of the greenery around forced us to stop for photographs. We clicked our heart out enjoying the drizzle. After a drive of around 8 km we reached the other end of the sanctuary where it connected to the NH-30.

Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Our itinerary for the day !!
Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Bhoramdeo Sanctuary

We took the highway towards Chipli town. The road was hilly, with twists and turns through the jungle. In an hour we took the diversion before the Chipli town towards the Saroda Dadar village. As we crossed the tarred road into mud trails along the tribal village, it was drizzling again. It was mostly under construction and was deserted. The road ended at Baiga tourist resort, a Chhattisgarh tourism initiative, perched on a table top mountain with a panoramic view of the hills around.

It had started to rain heavily and we went inside the viewpoint of the resort. Unfortunately, it was also under construction. Our attempt to get a hot cup of tea in the heavy rains went in vain. Half an hour later, we headed towards the watch tower on the muddy trails along the side of the resort. The villagers were amazed at our excitement to check out the tower. We climbed to the top to get a panoramic view. But the monsoon clouds had covered most of the valley.

Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
From the Saroda Dadar view point
Chipli range Saroda dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Love for riding !!
Saroda Dadar Chipli range Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Monsoon madness

On our way back we headed towards the Rani Dhara waterfalls. Google map took us to an unknown location from the main road. There was no sign of the waterfalls. I got stuck in a puddle at dead end of the road. Monsoon riding was at its best. We returned back and followed the correct way.  In another 30 minutes we reached the waterfalls. The hike to the top of the waterfalls was surely a challenge as the rocks were very slippery after the rains. I had earlier planned a dip in the natural pool but it was very windy and getting dark. We explored the vantage point around the area and returned back to Bhoramdeo in the evening. Our full day of exploration in the Chipli range was surely a grand success.

Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Photographer in action !!
Chipli range Saroda Dadar Bhoramdeo Chhattisgarh Wandererdoc
Rani Dhara Waterfalls

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chipli range saroda dadar bhoramdeo chhattisgarh

Chasing waterfalls at Chipli Range- Saroda Dadar- Chhattisgarh
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